3 Tips to Start Collecting Rare Bourbon on a Budget

3 Tips to Start Collecting Rare Bourbon on a Budget - The Barrel Tap

Collecting is a hobby that many people find enjoyable. More and more collectors are starting to see the value of building a rare bourbon collection.

Exclusive, old, and rare bottles of bourbon can come with hefty price tags. Unfortunately, the perceived expense of these liquors can prevent budget-minded bourbon lovers from delving into the rare and exclusive bottle market.

There are some things that you can do to secure valuable bottles of bourbon without breaking the bank. Use the following three tips to help you start collecting rare bourbon on a budget.

1. Determine If You Will Drink Your Collection

Some bourbon collectors like to sample the bottles in their collection, while others strictly want to display their rare and exclusive bourbons. You should decide which route you will take before you buy your first bottle if you are trying to stick to a budget.

If you plan to drink your collection, you will want to limit your purchases to bourbons that you find appealing. Instead of focusing on trying to find special edition bottles or limited releases that can be very rare, focus your collecting efforts on bottles that feature unique expressions or single-barrel curing. These rarities will not only have value, they will taste good as well.

If you are planning to start collecting simply for bragging rights, your money will be better spent on bottles that were produced in limited numbers. The flavor profile won't matter as much as the prestige of the bottle when you are collecting bourbon that you don't plan to sample.

2. Try Each Bourbon Before You Buy

If you are planning on drinking from your collection, it always wise to know if the drink inside the bottles that you are adding to your bourbon collection are appealing. Collectors with a lot of money can afford to buy multiple bottles with no prior knowledge of taste. For collectors who are trying to maintain a strict budget, this isn't an option.

Take the time to visit a local bourbon bar whenever a distillery you are interested in releases a new recipe or limited edition bourbon. You can purchase small glasses of any bourbons that pique your interest without having to buy a whole bottle.

Taste testing allows you to identify the bourbon that most appeals to your palate so that you only spend money to add quality bottles to your bourbon collection.

3. Focus on a Few Distilleries

Many distilleries produce fine bourbons on a daily basis. If you try to collect rare and exclusive bottles from all of these distilleries, you could end up spending a fortune. The best approach for budget-minded collectors is to focus on a few distilleries.

You can choose to stick with well-known distilleries that tend to do well on the auction market. Expect to pay a little more for each bottle from a well-known distillery, but you can rest assured that these bottles are likely to hold their value.

Another option is to focus on new or small distilleries. These distilleries haven't had time to establish their brand within the market, so you can usually pick up exclusive bottles of bourbon for a great price. It will take longer for these types of investments to become valuable, but you will be able to reduce the initial amount of money you spend on each bottle in your collection by focusing on new or small distilleries.

Bourbon has a storied history filled with intrigue, rebellion, and excitement. Collecting rare and exclusive bourbons is a great way to get in touch with this checkered past. Shop The Barrel Tap to source affordable bourbon bottles that are sure to enhance the value of your collection in the future.