Exploring Goose Island's Bourbon County Brand Stout: See What's in New from 2023!

2023 Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout Releases

Hey there, stout lovers and curious sippers! Get ready to embark on a flavor-packed adventure with the 2023 Bourbon County Brand Stout collection. This lineup from Goose Island isn't just a bunch of beers; it's a full-on sensory expedition. We're talking about a range that's got more layers than your favorite winter outfit. So, grab a glass, get comfy, and let's explore these liquid legends, each with its own unique story and taste.

  • Welcome to the World of Bourbon County Stout
  • The Legendary Original: Bourbon County Stout 2023
  • The 2023 Lineup: A Kaleidoscope of Flavors
  • The Magic of Barrel Aging
  • Pairing Perfection: Food Meets Stout
  • Where to Score These Stout Superstars

Welcome to the World of Bourbon County Stout

The Legacy in a Bottle

Bourbon County Brand Stout is like the rockstar of the stout world, and Goose Island is its legendary band. Each bottle from the Bourbon County collection is a masterpiece, blending tradition, creativity, and a whole lot of love for brewing.

The Legendary Original: Bourbon County Stout 2023

Let's start with the headliner: the 2023 Bourbon County Stout. This isn't just any stout; it's a journey through a landscape of fudge, vanilla, and caramelized sugar, all wrapped up in a rich, velvety mouthfeel. It's like the best dessert you've never had, but in liquid form.


The 2023 Lineup: A Kaleidoscope of Flavors

The New Kids on the Block

  1. Eagle Rare 2 Year Reserve Stout 2023: Imagine a stout that's been hanging out in Eagle Rare bourbon barrels for two whole years. That's what you get with this Eagle Rare Reserve Stout. It's like a bourbon-soaked oak party, with toasted almond and vanilla as the guests of honor. 

  2. Angel's Envy 2 Year Cask Finish Stout 2023: This one's a game-changer. The Angel's Envy Cask Finish Stout starts its life in bourbon barrels and then gets a fancy finish in Ruby Port wine barrels. The result? A symphony of cherry, spice, and cocoa that'll make your taste buds sing.

  3. Proprietor's Stout 2023: Here's a toast to Chicago's adventurous spirit! The Proprietor's Stout is like a cozy holiday dessert in a bottle. Think toasted rice, vanilla custard, and a sprinkle of spice. It's like a warm hug from your favorite aunt at a family gathering.

  1. Bananas Foster Stout 2023: Ready for a twist? The Bananas Foster Stout brings the party with its banana bread aroma and a dash of cinnamon. It's like brunch in a bottle, but way more fun.

  2. Backyard Stout 2023: Take a walk down memory lane with the Backyard Stout. This berry-infused beauty is a nod to those lazy summer days, with a mix of mulberries, boysenberries, and marionberries. It's summer in a sip, no matter the season.

The Magic of Barrel Aging

The Secret Sauce

What makes these stouts so special? It's all in the barrels. Each barrel adds its own character, infusing the stout with everything from vanilla and caramel to spicy and fruity notes. It's like a secret ingredient that makes each sip a revelation.

Pairing Perfection: Food Meets Stout

The Ultimate Duo

These stouts aren't just for sipping; they're for savoring with your favorite dishes. Pair them with everything from a rich chocolate cake to a hearty steak. Each stout brings something unique to the table, literally.

Where to Score These Stout Superstars

Craving these stouts yet? Head over to The Barrel Tap to grab your bottles. Whether you're a stout aficionado or just stout-curious, this lineup has something for everyone. Get ready to raise a glass to the art of brewing and the joy of tasting. Cheers to the 2023 Bourbon County Brand Stout collection – your next flavor adventure awaits!

Please enjoy responsibly.