The Barrel Tap Proudly Presents: Penelope Architect Bourbon, A New Addition to Our Bourbon Lineup

The Barrel Tap Proudly Presents: Penelope Architect Bourbon, A New Addition to Our Bourbon Lineup - The Barrel Tap

Greetings, bourbon fans! We're excited to announce a fresh addition to our broad bourbon range: the Penelope Architect Bourbon.

Savor the Unique Flavor Profile of Penelope Architect Bourbon

Penelope Architect Bourbon, a meticulously crafted four-grain straight bourbon whiskey, offers an exquisite profile of flavors. Let's break down its unique tasting notes:

  • Aroma: Captivating mix of sweet cream, floral tones, and a hint of crème brûlée.
  • Forward Notes: Rich, creamy vanilla, complemented by pronounced oak notes.
  • Body: A velvety sweetness that transitions smoothly from the forward notes, punctuated by herbal and floral accents.
  • Finish: Concluding with a warm, lingering finish marked by rich vanilla notes.

Quick Facts: Penelope Architect Bourbon

  • Type & Proof: A four-grain straight bourbon whiskey, finished with French Oak Staves. It stands at 104 proof.
  • Process: This bourbon is a fusion of three bourbon mash bills comprising four grains (Corn, Wheat, Rye, and Malted Barley), finished with two types of French Oak Staves - Delicate Stave (low tannin content) and Intense Stave (medium tannin).
  • Age/Barrel Char: Aged for 4 to 5.5 years with #4 Staves and #2 Heads.
  • Mash Bill: The composition is 75% Corn, 15% Wheat, 7% Rye, and 3% Malted Barley.

The Story Behind Penelope Bourbon

The Penelope Bourbon brand was conceived in a spirit of joy and expectation, in anticipation of the birth of a child. In 2018, as Mike Paladini and his wife, Kerry, awaited the arrival of their baby girl, Penelope, they wished to commemorate this milestone in a unique way. Thus, Mike joined forces with his long-time friend, Danny Polise, to develop a Straight Bourbon Whiskey that embodied the essence of savoring life's everyday joys.

Fast-forward to the present day, and Penelope Bourbon has touched hearts and palates in over 27 states across the U.S and in four countries worldwide. This achievement serves as a reminder that love, dedication, and relentless hard work can turn dreams into reality.

Grab Your Bottle of Penelope Architect Bourbon Now

To ensure authentic quality, Penelope Architect Bourbon is available for purchase at The Barrel Tap's online store. Remember, this distinctive bourbon may have limited availability, so grab your bottle today!

And if you enjoy Penelope Bourbon, we invite you to explore more of their offerings in our Penelope Collection.

Whether you're a bourbon veteran or a novice in the world of spirits, Penelope Architect Bourbon promises an unparalleled tasting experience. Here's to shared moments, exceptional flavors, and the Penelope Architect Bourbon journey at The Barrel Tap!