The Ultimate Guide to Gifting Whiskey This Christmas 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Gifting Whiskey This Christmas 2023

Welcome to a festive journey through the world of whiskey, perfect for those looking to surprise their loved ones with a memorable gift this Christmas. From the rich American bourbons to the sophisticated Scotch malts and more, we've got your holiday spirits covered!


  • Delight in our curated selection of the best whiskeys from around the globe.
  • Discover unique gift sets for an extraordinary whiskey experience.
  • Learn about each whiskey's distinct flavor profile.
  • Perfect for both novices and connoisseurs.
  • Links to purchase your favorite bottles and sets easily.

I. American Whiskey Wonderland

A. Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch Bourbon

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch Bourbon 750mL

Feel the warmth of the holidays with this Buffalo Trace Distillery gem. Aged for about 7 years, it's a vibrant blend of raisins, cinnamon, and sweet corn, leading to a peppermint-honey finish. Perfect for a cozy Christmas evening. Shop Now

B. Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium American Whiskey 750mL

Embark on a Tennessee adventure with Uncle Nearest 1856, featuring grassy, caramel, and dried apricot notes. This whiskey stands out with its unique graininess and oaky spiciness, making it an intriguing choice for the whiskey adventurer. Shop Now

II. Scotch Whisky Splendor

A. The Glenlivet 18 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Glenlivet 18 Year Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Indulge in the luxury of Scotch with The Glenlivet 18 Year. Its unique blend includes sherry-matured spirit, offering a palate of golden raisins and green figs, with a vanilla and anise finish. A classic choice for the refined palate. Shop Now

B. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky

As Johnnie Walker's flagship spirit, Blue Label is a testament to Scotland's long history of whisky distilling. It aims to blend flavors from across Scotland, representing the region's terroir and landscape. Blue Label is known for its exclusivity, with only one in every ten thousand casks making the cut. Shop Now

III. Irish Whiskey Charm

A. Redbreast 12 Year Limited Edition Bird Feeder

Redbreast 12 year Irish Whiskey Limited Edition Bird Feeder

Experience the Irish spirit with Redbreast 12 Year Limited Edition. Its light, hay-yellow appearance and menthol-spiced cider notes make it a fresh and easy-to-drink choice, perfect for a laid-back holiday gathering. Shop Now

B. Jameson 18 Year Old

Jameson 18 Years Irish Whiskey

Matured for 18 years in hand-selected oak casks from Europe and America, this rare whiskey is finished in first-fill bourbon barrels, introducing subtle traces of vanilla. It's a well-balanced, mellow whiskey with a lingering finale of wood, spice, and toffee​. Shop Now

IV. Japanese Whisky Elegance

A. Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky 750mL

Explore the art of Japanese whisky with Hibiki Japanese Harmony. A blend of malt and grain whiskies aged in five types of oak, it offers a nose of honey and oak with a bright and lively palate, culminating in a soft finish. A gift of youthful beauty and old soul. Shop Now

V. Gift Sets Galore

A. FLAVIAR 'The Lost Art of Distillation' Advent Calendar

Flaviar 'The Lost Art of Distillation' Search for the Secret Spirits Advent Calendar 2023

Unwrap a daily surprise with the FLAVIAR Advent Calendar. Fitting for the season! It's a 24-day whiskey tasting extravaganza with samples from 8 countries, complete with tasting glasses and an educational journal. A perfect gift for explorers of fine spirits. Shop Now

B. Johnnie Walker Collection Gift Set

Johnnie Walker Collection Blended Scotch Whisky Gift Set

Gift the essence of Scotland with the Johnnie Walker Collection Gift Set. Featuring four distinct blends, it's an exploration of flavors ranging from smoky to fruity and spicy. Ideal for the whiskey lover who enjoys variety. Shop Now

VI. Collection Links for Your Holiday Shopping

Wrap up your holiday shopping with these perfect whiskey gifts. Whether it's the warmth of American bourbon or the elegance of Japanese whisky, there's something for every taste. Cheers to a Christmas filled with joy, laughter, and exquisite whiskey!