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Limousin Rye Whiskey 750mL

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Dancing Goat Distillery Limousin Rye Whiskey is uniquely aged with innovative barreling techniques utilizing three different types of vintage and new oak. Forward notes of light vanilla and caramel finish with a swell of spice and warmth. Blended in our custom made Solera finishing system with Limousin oak barrels.

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Customer Reviews

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john leonard
interesting fruity nose and spicy, but not traditional rye spice palatte

Rye fan writing you here. It is fairly different from your more traditional rye aromas and flavors. I am glad I purchased and would buy again. The nose is somewhat floral - fruity is probably a better descriptor. Freshly cut northern fruit, apples, pears maybe, on the greener side. That gave way i thought to more of your common whisky scents, vanilla, light caramel, honey perhaps. it was a reasonably involved aroma. I did not detect a lot of spice on it which surprised me. I expected more of a high sharp spicy set of aromas, white pepper, ginger, those things that hit the top of my sinuses. They were there, but not in force, and arrived for me after then floral/fruit. The palette on the other hand did have those spice aspects first. A mild mix of white and red pepper - not hot but sort of effervescing on your tongue. This developed into sweetness at the mid and back of tongue and cheeks - lighter not burned sweetness, deeper than white sugar but not brown sugar molasses toffee. maybe what light caramel would taste like mixed with honey ? enough to please fans of sweeter whiskies, but nowhere cloying, as some rye fans might possibly find of sweeter bourbons. as you swallow, bourbon like notes came out for me, a good bit of vanilla, something of a mix of cinnamon candy/gum (not real spice), the pepper intensifying a little and an element of grain maybe ? some woodiness definitely for me. NEVER so much wood as to get tannic and dry out the mouth. i hesitated to remark on sides of cheeks because that is where some more heavily oaked tastes can get me. You are NOT EVER doing that "sucking your cheeks together to wet them with your tongue" kind of thing that is sometimes my reaction, and wondered if this might be the case here. It reminded me of Widow Jane Oak & Apple on the nose, Paradigm in the mouth, and your choice of lighter proofed French oak bourbons going down in the swallow and finish. I found the most vanilla and sweetness there and sharper spice, with less ethanol than you'll often find in such bourbons, but much of the same vanilla finish with a milder version of Wrigley's cinnamon gum rounding it all out. Not hot like the kiddy candy gum flavor, not a baked good either. I quite liked it. It's not powerful enough to give it a 5 star type review, and not everything deserves a 5 star review. Why - the finish is really pretty short, and does not last. The flavors themselves are not exceptionally powerful, but that is fine. It DOES have pretty good complexity as nose, palette, and finish all change at least once. If you wanted to ding it for something, you might say the color is light - like an Irish whisky. I don't ding it at all for that, because for myself, the appearance is a distant 4th of things to consider. I like flavor and smell, and how long they stick with you. This gives you plenty of that, just not for as long as you hope for. That's perfectly fine. Terrific whisky whose character was different than i expected, but delivered in full in an alternate way

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